APRIL 2005

On April 21st 2005 children from Spring Lane School together with friends and relatives met to clear Cloisters Pocket Park of undergrowth and rubble prior to its redesign the following month

The park, which is situated in the centre of Spring Boroughs, is a wonderful haven for wildlife but it had gradually deteriorated due to lack of care over the last few years
The children worked really hard with friends and relatives to clear the park. A large skip was on hand to receive the rubbish which was collected. By the end of the evening it was full !
As usual the children of Spring Lane School enjoyed working with the local community; the whole event was a great success Since then, the park has been landscaped and laid out attractively for the use of Boroughs residents
Children, teachers and parents worked hard to clear the pocket pa


JULY 2nd 2005

On Saturday July 2nd 2005 the newly redesigned Cloisters Pocket Park was opened All that hard work had paid off and now it was time for local residents, children from Spring Lane School, parents, relatives and friends to celebrate !
The day was bright and sunny and everyone gathered for a good time.
Food was prepared by the local Kingdom Life Church and there was a barbecue which everyone enjoyed.
The children were entertained by a magician and an excellent steel band provided the music.
The community in Spring Boroughs has achieved so much over the years and the renewal of the Pocket Park as an area for the enjoyment of the local residents is yet another example of cooperation and self-help The children have also benefited from helping to restore their environment; their involvement in this project was vital for the future of the area


JUNE 2005

As part of the ongoing intergenerational work in the Boroughs a group of senior citizens and children from Year Six at Spring Lane School spent an enjoyable day at Duxford Imperial War Museum
Intergeneration work can be fun ! Children from Spring Lane School shared the company of those who had lived through the Second World War when they visited the Imperial War Museum Duxford. The memories of the older generation brought the war to life. The trip to Duxford was an opportunity for the generations to share their thoughts and learn from each other.
The weather was sunny and warm and everyone enjoyed the trip.


As part of community studies of the Gunpowder Plot an intergenerational trip to London was organised to visit the Globe Theatre at Southwark and the Houses of Parliament On 24th February 2006 Children from Spring Lane School with their teachers and adults who work on the community history project called Heritage Hunters had an enjoyable day out to visit places connected with the Gunpowder

Plot. Northamptonshire was to play a central role in the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and the plan was hatched at Ashby St Ledgers a village within the county
The children visited the Globe Theatre
The Globe Theatre in Southwark was built at the time of the Gunpowder Plot and some people think Shakespeare based his play Macbeth on the event
The plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament was a great threat to the country. The children from Spring Lane School enjoyed visiting the site of this historic period
Children from Year Six visited  the Houses of Parliament
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